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Who are we?

Türkçe Here is our text on what the Yeryüzü Postası is, its purposes, and what principles it advocates. Yeryüzü Postası is a publication, propaganda and discussion collective formed by individuals who have come together around common principles. This collective is against capitalism and patriarchy, which are the main causes of …

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Our Statement Concerning the Recent Disclosures about the Revolutionary Anarchist Federation – Yeryüzü Postası

A text of exposure has recently been published by people who left the anarchist organization that has recently adopted the “Revolutionary Anarchist Federation” name about Serkan Bayrak and Çiğdem Bayrak, who are the founding members of the organization, which included allegations of harassment, psychological and physical abuse against other members. After the first disclosure bearing the signature …

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We must weave the global revolutionary struggle line against the global epidemic! – Devrimci Otonomlar (Revolutionary Autonomous)

Revolutionary Autonomous ‘ statement for May 1: We do not want to return to normal! Capitalism, which has great destruction for humanity, has shown its ultimate truth and once again left all humanity to death and poverty. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has emerged and become global as a result of …

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