Who are we?



Here is our text on what the Yeryüzü Postası is, its purposes, and what principles it advocates.

Yeryüzü Postası is a publication, propaganda and discussion collective formed by individuals who have come together around common principles. This collective is against capitalism and patriarchy, which are the main causes of inequality and domination today, and advocates libertarian communism, in which all classes, all forms of hierarchies and inequalities around the world will be destroyed. For this reason, it defines itself as libertarian communist, in other words anarchist communist.

Yeryüzü Postası aims to develop and spread anarchist communist ideas and debates and their penetration into social movements, to make social problems and contradictions visible, to spread the voices of social movements, especially workplace struggles, women’s liberation struggles, ecological struggles and mass uprisings in various parts of the world. It aims to spread the news of these movements in order to inspire people in other parts of the world.

Since October 2016, the primary publication and propaganda tool of the Yeryüzü Postası collective is yeryuzupostasi.org. This website contains news on social and political issues and articles, translations and videos on current, political and theoretical issues. In addition to its website, Yeryüzü Postası continues its publication and propaganda activities on social media channels, by printed materials, and it strives to improve the tools it uses.

What are our core principles?

Yeryüzü Postası is against capitalism. Today, due to capitalism as a worldwide economic, political and social order, billions of people don’t even have the income to fulfill their basic needs, while the capitalist class holds the majority of the wealth in the world. Production is shaped not according to social needs, but according to the interests of capitalists and the need for expansion of capital. This system is the main culprit of today’s wars, the savage plunder of nature and the climate crisis that has reached a level that threatens all living things in the world. Therefore, the destruction of this system today is a necessity not only for the salvation of humanity, but also for the salvation of all life on earth.

Yeryüzü Postası is against patriarchy. Societies all over the world have been shaped by patriarchy, which is a set of social relations that is much older than capitalism. Patriarchy, which dictates a gender-based division of labor and continues its existence through male violence, causes the exploitation of women’s labor and body by men, the exclusion of women from various areas of social life or their unequal existence in these areas. The struggle for equality and freedom requires a total struggle against capitalism and patriarchy, which are the main causes of inequality and domination.

Yeryüzü Postası is against the state. Throughout history, states have been tools for the domination and exploitation of a minority over the majority. Today, the state is the most important tool that ensures the continuation of patriarchy and capitalism. Whether in the form of monarchy, dictatorship, or democracy, all states are despotic devices serving the interests of the ruling classes. As long as states exist, classes will also exist, and the state cannot be an instrument that can be used for the transition to a classless society. A libertarian communist society can only be achieved by the destruction of the states with all their apparatuses and the creation of non-hierarchical organizations in which the whole society can directly participate in the decision-making process and where all privileges are abolished.

Yeryüzü Postası takes a side in the class war. The main contradiction in capitalism is between the capitalist class, which holds the wealth produced and whose privileges are protected by the state, and the working class, which produces wealth with its labor and forms the majority of society. The anarchist communist movement is historically rooted in the experiences in which this class contradiction has turned into open conflicts, in the struggles of the working class. A libertarian communist society can only be possible if this contradiction turns into a total conflict. In that regard, anarchist communists are not the defenders of the so-called common human values propagated by the capitalist society, and they take a side in and constitute a part of the conflict between the two main classes.

Yeryüzü Postası is internationalist. We define and position ourselves as part of the worldwide class struggle and the worldwide anarchist communist movement. The material interests of the ruling classes are concealed behind nationalism, which is the religion of the modern state and the poison that pits people against each other. Workers have no interest in national divisions, on the contrary, the interests of workers all over the world are common, no matter what nationality they come from. The struggle against capitalism can only be successful on a worldwide scale. Therefore, being against nationalism and defending internationalism is not only a principle that arises from ethical concern, but a vital requirement for the success of the struggle.

Yeryüzü Postası is against all forms of discrimination. Anarchist communists aim to create a free world where everyone can live without being subjected to discrimination. The vast majority of LGBTI+s, minorities, immigrants or those who are discriminated against for different reasons are also parts of the working class, and the problems they experience are also expressions of peculiar demands and needs within the working class. Discriminations that we experience and see today can be have different roots. The struggle against all forms of discrimination based on national identity, race, culture, belief, being immigrant, gender or sexual orientation, whatever their origins may be (in patriarchy, caused by national borders created by capitalism, heritage of slavery, or artificial creations by the ruling classes and states), is part of the anarchist communist struggle.

Yeryüzü Postası advocates social revolution. The expropriation of the capitalist class, the socialization of the means of production, the elimination of wage labor and women’s unpaid domestic labor, elimination of the family, elimination of all forms of patriarchal relations and discrimination, establishment of an order that everyone participates in production according to their abilities and desires, and distribution of the products of labor based on identified needs, freedom for all, and real equality, where human and nature will be in harmony, all these are only possible through a social revolution. The social revolution is not just a moment of insurrection in which the power of the ruling classes will be overthrown. It means a process of rapid and radical transformation and restructuring of social, political and economic relations, which also includes such moments of rebellion.

Yeryüzü Postası is anarchist-communist. Libertarian communism aims the establishment of an egalitarian, stateless, ecological social order based on the principle, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs” and reorganization of the society on the basis of direct/participatory democracy, a society in which a humans and nature exist harmoniously, through a social revolution eliminating capitalism, patriarchy, the plunder of nature and states. However, anarchist communism also offers us principles, means of struggle, and forms of organization for the struggles that takes place before our eyes today. In other words, it enables us to establish a link between the daily struggles, solidarity practices and the social organizations to be created in workplaces and neighborhoods, the general goal of a communist society. We see anarchist communism as an idea that lays down principles for the transition to the society we are struggling to bring about in the future, as well as a guide that we can use today in our relationships, social organizations and in all social struggle.

* This text on our current position is open to any criticism and suggestion.


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