We must weave the global revolutionary struggle line against the global epidemic! – Devrimci Otonomlar (Revolutionary Autonomous)


Revolutionary Autonomous ‘ statement for May 1:

We do not want to return to normal! Capitalism, which has great destruction for humanity, has shown its ultimate truth and once again left all humanity to death and poverty. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has emerged and become global as a result of the structural crisis and relations of production, has done nothing more than remind us of this fact as strikingly. The profit-based production which has been caused by capitalism, ecological destruction, gradually deepening inequality, health, food, shelter systems have collapsed even in so-called welfare societies, polluted and crowded metropolises and mega poles have directly contributed to the pandemic to get out of control.

Millions of workers still have to go to work. While it is possible to be taken the highest level of measures to protect the people working in the production and distribution of food production, hygiene and medical materials, millions of workers are forced to work at the cost of their lives in the production and distribution of products to prevent profits of bosses from falling. Those who work in jobs that do not bring benefits or fail due to necessity have lost their jobs or have been taken for unpaid leave. While rich people are isolated in luxury, millions of workers around the world are stuck between disease and hunger.  

Border management policies cause thousands of immigrants to live in inhuman conditions. However, it is possible to overcome the problems that this pandemic has revealed by abolishing capitalism. It is no longer a matter of choice but an issue of poverty and wealth. The only force that can abolish capitalism is the working class. 

As the anarchist-communists of this geography, we see the coming May 1 as the beginning of the worldwide united struggle of the working masses around the world against capitalism. Social movements rising all over the world from Chile to Lebanon, from France to Iraq, show us that a worldwide wave of struggle is inevitable. Strikes are increasing at workplaces, actions to avoid paying bills and rents are spreading, and local solidarity activities are carried out for disadvantaged groups such as immigrants and the elderly. What matters today is to turn these struggles into a global revolutionary alternative that we are not doubtful of seeing soon.

Therefore, it is necessary to build a revolutionary international, in which anarchists, communists, revolutionary syndicalists and other radical political groups from all over the world will discuss new, common political goals and means of struggle. Let us all, as the anarchists of this geography with our comrades all over the world, greet  May 1 as a symbol of the wave of a new global revolutionary struggle that the workers will create in the face of the current crisis. Let’s shout out the international worker songs like “The Internationale” and “A las Barricadas” on May 1, in every language, all over the world, from the windows of our homes, in our workplaces or on the streets, wherever we are. Let us remind the ruling classes that the last fight is approaching.

We call to organize on the way to direct action and social revolution  against capitalism! 

Long Live the Anarchist Social Revolution!

Devrimci Otonomlar ( Revolutionary Autonomous)


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