To the International Struggle against Global Partition War



Meanwhile capitalist system generates crisis and war, peoples are obliged to live poverty, hunger, dead threat and misery within ever deepening chaos. Caucasus, Middle East and North Africa have become fronts of global partition war. The reflection of this war in regions such as Europe, Russia or USA is now refugee crisis, exploding bombs in cities, increasing xenophobia, oppression, political instability and social unrest.

Syria who has been destroyed by civil war provoked by imperialist powers since 2011 and Iraq who has been razed to the ground by US’ invasion since 2003 are the most severe fronts of this global partition war. A lot of states from US to Russia, Germany to UK, Turkey to Iran with different interests and aims have been part of the war, either directly or by means of local powers they supported in the region and this is making the process more complicated. Even though millions of people died, became permanently disabled, obliged to leave their homes, dominant classes and states at service of these classes are still not satisfied by all this blood and pain.

The strike on Syria’s Shayrat airbase by USA as a response to chemical attack in Idlib is a precursor of a period leading to deepening of chaos in region. It is obvious that war will expand and become intensified unless the course of situation is ceased anywise.

Whole just and “holly” reasons claimed by all counterparts of war to continue the battle and to make new strikes are only rationalizations tailored to cover the real reasons. Various states and powers are abusing chronic problems of region and continue this war for their own interest by taking the support of different elements in the region. We know that the main reason behind this war is the sharing of region’s sources, substructures, human power who work and fight for their account, market, strategically important areas. Also we know that as long as the war continues, a lot of capitalists from arms dealers to construction companies get benefit of this. There can be unknown and secret plans to us, but there is only one thing we don’t suspect is that millions of working people around the world don’t have any benefit from this war. On the contrary, whole working people around the world particularly ones fighting to live in war zone are being harmed directly from this war.

And only we workers of the world can stop this war. We cannot support any party of this partition war resulting in death of millions. We cannot be a party of any war in which people of different nations, religions and sects slaughters each other. We have to understand that we are on the way of unknown future unless we stop our states.  All parties of this war are guilty, no one is rightful. We have a historical responsibility to question our own governments and to demand them to stop war politics before blaming the other states. We should struggle for an urgent unconditional cease fire, dissolving of other states’ interventions and initiating peace process with the participation of all parties, firstly in Syria, then in any place where ongoing conflicts are prevailing,

The fact we should not forget is that states serve to interest of minority who exploits us. Don’t believe politicians who lie to us and make us an enemy of each other. Only believe and trust in class brothers and sisters. We don’t have any other chance than believing in each other and saying stop to war all together. Let’s light the struggle fire against ones who enslave us and compel us to misery. Let’s start discussing what we should do and take action without wasting time in everywhere we are. As workers from all around world, we shall cry loud:

No war between nations! Long live brotherhood of peoples!

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